Help with string in struct


I have am having trouble setting up a string in a struct - which is then used in two places - in the particle publish and printing on an oled screen. In both places, the string comes out jumbled and I am not sure why.

In the struct, I have tried all these ( separately ):

struct myData {
  myData() {
      name = NAN;
  char  name[25]; // option 1
  std::string name;   // option 2
  String name;  //option 3

Then I am referencing it in snprintf like this ( for the publish):

snprintf(data, sizeof(data), "{\"item_name\":\"%s\"}",name);

I am also attempting to print it on my oled screen like this:

  char buf[64]; // ( outside my loop)
  //inside my  loop
  snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "%s ", name);  
  oled.print("Item Name "); oled.println(buf);

The error seems to be related to how I am setting up the struct. Could use another pair of eyes. Thxx.

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