Help with displaying data in Ubidots

I am working on a project to show how many hours the machine was ON, I am using particle electron with vibration sensor. i was able to send the minutes and hours reading in ubidots but i send them as two variables, how can i send the minutes and hours and one reading with this format (MIN:HOURS).

If you used a common format where hours go before minutes you’d be probably better off :wink:

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Why not just use a plain old timestamp?
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sorry i mean Hours:Min, how i can send them as one variable to ubidots.

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i need the number of hours that a machine was on, it is like a counter, which stops when the machine stops.

@Metavix works with Ubidots, he may be able to help out.

@msavooo, why don’t you convert HH:MM to just minutes. That way it is a single, non-fractional number :wink:

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@msavooo The best solution is to use a format with minutes and in Ubidots cloud platform you should use a derivated variable. You also be able to use a context in a variable to give more data of a variable as minutes, seconds, hours or whatever.

That is my suggestion!

Best Metavix