Help with creating my own version of WarSting

I really liked the WarSting project but I would like help to create a project similar to WarSting. I would like to blue led D7 on the Photon to glow blue when there are unencrypted wifi networks near. I liked the idea that the Core would get ready for a new wifi network after it was done publishing an event. I love Python 3 but until micro python comes to the Photon I am out of luck. So in my version of this project I would like the Photon’s blue led (D7) to glow blue when a unencrypted wifi network is near. Then I would like the Photon to publish an event. Then when the Photon is done doing that I would like the Photon to get read to find a new unencrypted wifi network.

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At present this is going to be tricky since there isn’t a simple way to scan for WiFi networks from code. We’re planning to add a WiFi.scan() function in a future release to make this possible.


Will WIFI.scan() be available soon?