Help with Comcast Xfinity

I am launching a pilot product with the Core. After the pilot we are migrating to the Photon, but I need some help with the customer set-up.

My customer uses a Comcast, xfinity router. Things I know.

  • It is not an xfinity hotspot (it is a home network)
  • It is not a 5GHz signal. He has set up a 2.4GHz printer on his home network, and nows the difference.

-Issue: The device just stays in listen mode. It never gets the WiFi credentials from the app.

Call for help: This guy lives in Michigan. And uses Comcast xfinity.

  • Has anyone successfully connected a Core using the WiFi app to an xfinity router?
  • if so how?
  • Does anyone have an xfinity router and a core that could help me trouble shoot this?

Thanks Jerome.

I have used both Cores and Photons on my home Comcast Xfinity router running on 2.4 GHz without issues. I don’t recall seeing my 5 GHz network on the Cores or the Photons.

@Quentin if it isn’t too much to ask could you provide the following?

  • Your Security settings? (WPA2, open)
  • Router Setting (802.11b/g/n, or 802.11b/g)
  • did you connect your cores with the app or via the USB cable?

Good to know it is possible, I just need to figure out why it isn’t working for my customer. I plan to have a call with him this afternoon.

As a side note, thanks to all in the community, responses are generally quick and helpful.


The network is on WPA2, the router is an 802.11b/g. It is connected via ethernet to an 802.11b/g/n router that broadcasts on 5 GHz. I don’t recall seeing this network through the Photons or the Cores, but I can confirm that they are happy on the first network.

Cores were claimed on a Mac through USB. Photons, we claimed through the Android app.

Hope that helps.