Help with coding of my new electron......PLEASE

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I dont really understand how to code my electron, but i did follow the step by step guide, posted by YAN Particle Asset Tracker with Using MQTT. I would like to understand the potential of my electron and use it to track my scooter if it gets stolen. Is there a way to wake it when moved to save the battery life and is there a way to tell how much battery is left? I would love to implement an app like how lime scooters have. I have alot of trouble understanding how coding works…plz help


Welcome to the community :+1:

To answer some of your questions:

  • yes you can send the device to sleep to save power
  • yes the device can detect movement and wake up
  • yes there are functions to request the state of charge of the device’s battery
  • your project seems very well doable

But, without at least some coding basics it would be very difficult for us to explain it to you. On the other hand this forum is not really meant as a platform to hand out ready-made solutions but enabling people to make things.
If you need the coding done for you, you should consider offering some contract work. There definetly are people who are capable of implementing what you want.