Help with alarm system project

Hi there im new using particle
im doing an alarm project using a radio base motorola particle photon and mp3 module
i having trouble with the motorola radio base because i dont know how to send the mp3 audios via de RJ45 conector
does anyone can help me? how to sent audio by the photon to mini dfplayer to RJ45 cable to motorola radio base??

i got solved the part of the mp3 player using speakers, but now i have to sent the audio signal by a RJ45 cable conected to the motorola radio base.
How to simulate de MIC signal and activate de PTT boton

What radio base? What mp3 module?

-Motorola Radius GM300
-WINGONEER TF U Disk mini dfplayer
thank you for your quick respondig :smile:

This might help
(found via Google: Motorola Radius GM300 RJ45 pinout)


Thank you ! :grin: