[Help] Use Photon to Trigger Qlab Cues

Hi, I would like to be able to send messages over Wifi from a Photon to a Mac running QLab with a touch of a button connected to the Photon. I have little experience with networking programming problems and am in need for some help. I was able to build this functionality with a Raspberry Pi and the python-osc library, however the size of the raspberry pi compared to the photon is too bulky. According to QLab documentation http://figure53.com/qlab/docs/settings/ I should be able to send a plain text message formatted as OSC to port 53535 to accomplish the same result I got with the Pi. Any tips on what libraries to use or sample code I could build off of would be much appreciated. Thanks.

I’m pretty sure someone has ported an OSC library over to Spark/Particle, so you should be able to use the same approach as the Raspberry Pi. Just search the forums for OSC.

While I do see plenty of information on porting a OSC library to Spark/Particle, I don’t see a lot of information on a completely functioning library without the hassle of changing firmware code. Therefore I was trying to bypass this by instead of using OSC, just using plaintext formatted as OSC which I believe would be much simpler. Thanks for the input though.

I believe I have a working program. I was just really over thinking the whole project.

Glad to hear you have a solution.

It does seem that OSC libraries on the particle are at an earlier stage than i’d assumed.