Help on Clarification on API Limit

As per doc, quote

There is an API rate limit of approximately 10 calls per second to from each public IP address. This limit is the total number of requests from a public IP address and does not depend on the access token or API endpoint used

What does ‘each public IP address’ mean? One particle device? In my opinion this section needs more elaboration for reader to understand why suddenly ‘public IP address’ comes into context here.

A public IP address is the one that is seen by the rest of the internet for your connection.
What this means in practice is that if you have a single AP, multiple devices calling our API would add up to the count.

Thank you @no1089, so my project would require to install many electron devices, but for this discussion say 11 devices. Say within one second, I do one API call to each of the devices, does this mean I am doing 11 API calls per second and therefore hitting the API limit?

Anyway what does AP mean in your explanation?

Fro cellular devices, you don’t need to worry about this limit, as each device would have it’s own external IP address. This is applicable to Wifi devices only. The AP is a WiFi access point in this case.
Please note that the rate limit for devices is 1 publish/second with bursts of 4/s.


Clear! Thank you @no1089 :smiley: