Hello world with node-red

We used the mobile app to configure the photon, and we were able to light up the onboard LED.
We are now attempting to use node-red to light up the LED.

I see the device id. Also, in the my_device -> view devices… -> see in termional
I can see a token. Eg:
curl https://api.particle.io/v1/devices/events?access_token=

I guess that would be the access token I use?

There just doesn’t seem to be an obvious “here is what you should use to connect to your photon”.

Is there a way I can see my local network url? (I can see via the web app what my home router IP is).

How do I determine the values to connect other apps directly to the photon? Even if just to call the functions like digitalwrite (D7,HIGH)…

Thank you,

The cloud connection via the APIs does remove the need to know your devices IP, but you can find your local IP either via your WiFi AP or by printing out WiFi.localIP() in your code.