Hardware reset when chip pressed

Been developing on an electron and just brought in a photon to speed up some of the work and stop consuming the cell plan. The unit will reset randomly. It seems that the BGA/Flatpack is not assembled well. I can push on the chip, with a tooth pick or other non metallic item and the photon will reset. Power is provided via USB, I can wiggle this connector and there is no issue. It seems the BGA may have a faulty solder joint.

Has this been seen before?

Hi @mtstarr

This is just how they are made. The top shield should not be compressed or it will touch internal signals and reset the IC.

Does it reset if you do not press on the top shield? That would be a problem.

It is on a bread board, not a shield I think I see what you are saying and I think that is the issue. I can reach in a put pressure on the PCBA and no reset so it is not a faulty joint. Only pressure on the top metal plate. This is not a lot of pressure and it seems to only be in near the 2D barcode on the metal top. Need a bit more clearance thereā€¦

Thank you for your help.