Graphing Web Application for Rocketry Flight

I am using a Particle Photon/Electron as a telemetry system for rockets flown by secondary school STEM students. The initial one uses the Electron (cellular good for few thousand feet altitude) and Publishes an evnent with telemetry information every second.

I would like to create a web app that is a dashboard of the flight data (3d acceleration, gyro, mag, air pressure, GPS location). I am a novice (at best) web programmer … my Particle app is working and generating data a I wish … .now I want to display it in real time. Total rocket flight is a few minutes long …



Hi @KenBiba,
The following may be worth a look (for the plotting of altitude and position as well as logging the data to a spreadsheet),found by search on this forum:

For the dashboard: Try Ubidots:

I am no expert but I imagine the speed of the rocket flight and the rate of change of the variables means the “real time” aspect is perhaps secondary to being able to review and playback the flight data on a dashboard(?). I am not sure if Ubidots can help you there, but it can definitely log the data.

Thank you! Helps a lot. I am particularly intrigued with Ubidots.

Big help.