Gove - Temp & Humi Sensor

I am doing some testing with Grove Temp and Humidity sensor and noticing that the Temp goes to 0 every few reads and then back to normal Temp. I am reading Temp and Humidity at the same time and never have an issue with humidity. Is there an issue with the sensor? Any ideas?

If this sensor is a DHT22 then the problem is to do with the use of the one wire connection and particularly with Gen3 devices and timing of the data receipt hence the occasional dropout. I have one of these sensors running off a Photon and that also has occasional ‘nan’ readings. I implemented a smoothing filter on the values that removes the null readings and smooths out the variations.

If you do a search on the forum you will find a recent (within 1 month) post on this and a very clever solution for gen3 devices developed by @rickkas7.

Yes it is. Thanks for confirming the performance. I can filter out the 0 values but just wanted to see if others had the same issue.

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