Give power to spark from raspberry pi

Dear All!

I’m trying to power the spark from a raspberry pi (thru a pi cobbler). I just connected the 5v0 (from the cobbler) and VIN ports (on the spark), but the spark is not booting.

You can find more info about the cobbler here:

Am i missing something? Thanks for your help!

Did you remember to connect ground also? I have missed that more than once…

Hi @weakset!

Yes, it’s also connected (maybe i’m not doing it properly), find attached the image how i did it.

(it’s connected like VIN -> 5v0, GND -> GND)

Any idea why it’s not switching on? The pi is getting enough power on usb, coz it’s connected to an usb charger.


You have the ribbon cable connected upside down, like the instructions warn you not to do???

(Get a voltmeter and check the voltages. Also, make sure that your USB connection or whatever at the pi end can supply enough power for both.)

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@Raldus that was it!!! Thank you very much for your help guys!

it started to work;)

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