Getting Started with the Photon: A new book!


Hey everybody! Just wanted to let you know about an amazing new resource for the Spark community. Maker Media has just released @SimonM’s new book “Getting Started with the Photon”. It’s an amazing resource for those just getting started.

The Chapter List:

  • Forward (by Zach!)
  • Chapter 1 The Spark Photon
  • Chapter 2 Quick Start
  • Chapter 3 Programming the Photon
  • Chapter 4 Breadboard
  • Chapter 5 The Internet of Things
  • Chapter 6 If This Then That
  • Chapter 7 Robotics
  • Chapter 8 Machine to Machine Communication
  • Chapter 9 Advanced Photon
  • Appendix A Parts
  • Appendix B Photon LED Codes
  • Appendix C Photon and Core Pinouts

Here’s the link again:




I rented this book on Kindle and I am finding it very useful for a noob like me, in fact I plan on buying it as a reference.


Thanks Brad, glad you have found it useful and thanks for posting on it Steph.


I just purchased this book, along with a new Photon. To connect a Photon, the book mentions you need the “Photon” app and not the Particle app which is for the Core (Pages 14 & 18). I cannot find a Photon app on Google Play. Also, the Particle app on Google Play says that my device isn’t compatible with the software version. I am using a Nexus 7 with Android 5.1.1. Can someone clarify my confusion here - thank you.


Hello All.

Very new to Photon - first post. I borrowed this book from the Library - not even knowing what a Photon was. Got partway through it, and the Photon looked like so much fun, I ordered a Maker Kit right away.

I since purchased the book as well, am halfway through it, and having fun. Good book. I do have some questions on Maker Kit, but will post in new thread.