GET webhook not working

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to make a webhook that will push data captured by my core to sparkfun datastore, you can go to and make a new stream, which will store data coming from GET requests.
I know I can use HttpClinet, but I don’t want to use it because of blocking issues.

I have 2 params, I called them param1, prarm2, and a timestamp, the GET request should look something like this:

I created a get webhook and pushed it to spark cloud, here is it

"eventName": "sparkfun",
"url": "",
"requestType": "GET",
"query": {
    "private_key": "{{private_key}}",
    "param1": "{{param1}}",
    "param2": "{{param2}}",
    "timestamp": "{{SPARK_PUBLISHED_AT}}"
"mydevices": true

It has been pushed successfully.
in my firmware i’m calling the webhook like this

Spark.publish("sparkfun", "{ \"private_key\": \"(my_private_key)\", \"param1\": \"value\", \"param2\": \"value\" }", 60, PRIVATE);

I subescribed to my core events using spark subscribe mine command, but i’m not seeing any thing, and there is nothing in the datastore!!
what could be the problem??
Thank you

@abol3z, so sorry this post was totally missed out without a reply!

I have been wanting to get this to work as well.

Did you make any progress? Feel free to ping me at @kennethlimcp if you need some help :wink:

@kennethlimcp Thank you for replaying, I went with librato service in my project, it uses a POST method, so it works very fine with me. It will be good if I knew where were my error. :smile: