Get files list with SpiffsParticleRK library

Hi all (and I hope @rickkas7 :smiley:)
I’m using SpiffsParticleRK lib to store/read data from a Windbond W25Q64FW memory.
I’ve a couple of doubts:

  1. Is there a way to get the stored files list?
  2. Since I’m going to save 100B strings and I have a 8MB flash memory, what’s the maximum char array size for the Electron RAM in order to split the flash reading into multiple steps?

Thank you :wink:

There’s a maximum of about 60K of free RAM on an Electron, so you’ll definitely need to read data in chunks, rather than try to read while files into RAM.

In version of 0.0.6 of the SpiffsParticleRK library I added an example of reading the directory listing:

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