General Electronics - Sharing power

I need to control 8 high watt motors via a relays connected to a board which look a bit like this

Problem is, the power adapter I’ve got (see below) only has power “outlets” for two devices.

To connect all 8 motors relays I’m going to need to “share” the power - a bit like what happens in a Powerboard, when your TV, DVD player, Apple TV, and Stereo are connected to the same Powerboard, which is it’s self then plugged into a wall socket.

Problem is, I’ve not absolutely no idea what one of these “sharing” components is called when we’re in the land of electronics. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be awesome :smile:

Maybe a Power Terminal Block is suitable in this case:

Everyone ‘piece’ is an individual. You can connect one wire from the power supply (eg. + terminal) to the 1st piece and use wires to jump from the 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd etc…

Then make another set for the -ve power terminal

Actually another way would be do the jumping of wires on the relay itself…

COM of Relay 1 to COM of Relay 2 to COM of Relay X…Another wire to the +VE of the terminal…

Thanks Kenneth - perfect solution. I actually have a few of these lying around, just had never thought to use it in this way!


Have fun! Too much school work for me to revise so i havent been building stuff but I can’t help but to give my comments and get things going :slight_smile:

A busbar is what you want. It’s basically a piece of metal with screws on it to distribute power.

If you go with the terminal block solution make sure you use small enough gauge wire to handle the combined load of all the motors!

The Busbar is pretty much what I had in mind when I started looking - now I know the name :slight_smile: I’ve come across two other methods incase anyone is looking in the future.


In the first instance, I’m going to try the “Wago Wire Connectors” - they are cheap, and are fast to connect.