Gen 3 Device LTS

Hi community,

Photon will not be working off of the 4.x.x LTS, but off the 5.X.X branch (I expect that it will at some point move onto a 6.x.x LTS) - is it expected that Gen3 devices will also move to 6.X.X LTS (i.e. Argons)?


The last version for Gen 2 devices including the Photon, P1, Electron, and E Series is 2.x LTS. The 3.x developer preview release works, but is no longer supported. The 2.x LTS branch is in extended service maintenance (ESM) phase and only will get urgent security fixes, not bug fixes.

The 5.x branch will eventually be the basis for 6.x LTS and 7.x developer preview. The 6.x and 7.x release lines will likely include support for all Gen 3 devices, however this is not guaranteed. Since the Argon will be deprecated when the existing stock is depleted, at some point the support for the Argon in Device OS could end prior to the other non-deprecated devices like the Boron and B Series SoM, however, it could also be supported for the same time period; this has not been determined yet.