Frustration in getting started

Tinker works as I tested up to the D7 led

@sam_desd, you seem to be ignoring what I am asking you to do. DO NOT FLASH YOUR CODE!! Just test the Android app to test the tinker app that runs after a factory reset to prove that the Core and wifi are working correctly. Please just start with that.

@sam_desd, I just got your second post. OK, so if Tinker works then there is an issue with your APP, agreed? If you do, let’s start another topic because the title of this one is Frustration in getting started and you are clearly no longer getting started.

Where do i get the tinker for the CORE again?

Do you have Spark CLI installed on your PC?

Thats great. so the core and wifi connection are working good.
Your problem then, must be in your code..
Try the simple "blink led on D7" now. Does it work?

No CLI… I wrote few times above on the error during the CLI installation

Pls tell me where the tinker for the CORE so that I can reload and test. The tinker works the 1st time I claimed the CORE. Since then, I am not testing using it.

Perhaps you need to read code before judging… that is what programmers used to do

I am sorry, but I don’t know what CLI is. Can you explain that to me?

Bye then… now is almost 4 am and I will email Particle tomorrow

I am new Jack… and I am sleepy. I worked many years with microcontrollers esp Atmel and Microchip IC. I wrote C and assembly for the processor and all this while using the deskrop IDE with the compiler + the device called programmer to load the hex into the embedded hardware.

This is my 1st experienced with web IDE… yet, not on programming. I like Spark… but thru almost 8 days I found the device are difficult to deal with on getting the code into the CORE etc… not really difficult in programming it as it is almost Arduino.

CLI … not much idea and I am having error on installing it. That is what I can tell you Jack. C later

@sam_desd, I did read but the title for this thread is all wrong. First things first. If the Core is not listening and you don’t have CLI then the only way to get tinker back is with a factory reset. Second, it may be worth spending the time getting CLI to work. I have it running on win 8.1 x64 without any problems. Particle DEV may be worth considering as well. All this to say being able to flash over USB can be very practical. Finally, your code obviously is causing issues so we can start another topic to deal with that specifically. Other members will be able to see your issue and code right at the top so it will be easier to contribute.


I am on windows 8 x64. I wrote about the error I had somewhere above (during CLI installation). I simply do not know how else to go and install it… because I did several times even with RUNNING the C prompt as the admin.

Unless you can tell me other ways of doing it?

Yes I agree if my test code MAY… I repeat MAY have bugs. Yet, to me how difficult is to read that little codes and if so… tell me where it is…so that I can correct and see whether it runs after that.

I am more into saying that the CORE process … some where along the line is having the bugs. Be it to flash apps via OTA or the CORE firmware (may be) that runs along with my code.

I need some one to spot where my code auto reset the CORE or whatever the errors it may be… then I will hands up and say let go on to any other topics. In conventional coding… my code will not cause such behaviour.

@sam_desd, I really think it is worth getting CLI installed so we can PM on that offline and try and get that going.

The Core has well known issues with UDP due to the way TI implemented it on the CC3000. There may be issues causing your code to behave in ways you don’t expect. Typically, a CC3000 buffer overrun will cause resets or an out-of-bounds pointer reference may as well.

What are you sending the UDP packets to? If it’s easy to replicate, I could set it up and duplicate the issue you are having and go from there. Any thoughts?

So, why not try some simpler APP? Blink led on D7. Let's verify that the core is doing its job. Lets don't make this more complicated than needed. I think that with information at hand, we agree that the problem is in the coding.

Sorry, I have repeated myself to much on this thread. I am moving on. Good luck.

Sorry you are having trouble, @sam_desd! Particle Support is fairly busy with order questions due to Photon release, let me see if I can get you sorted out for this one over PM. Gonna close this thread for now. Thanks, everyone!!


@Jack, Tinker is a simple (and proven) app that was tested and shown to work :stuck_out_tongue: