Freelance Coding Needed

Hi there,

are any of you Particle jedis interested in freelance coding work? I need help getting my asset trackers up and functioning. It would be as simple as collating a couple of the publicly available projects and making some minor tweaks. Paid either on project or hourly basis.

Let me know if this sounds of interest to anyone.


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Has anyone reached out to you through DMs?

yeah a couple have, thanks mate! I love the product but am really struggling with this whole flashing thing. Is there no program I can use that avoids the entire CMD stuff?


The Web IDE and over-the-air flashing is the simplest way to program these things, but “command line stuff” isn’t that complicated once you just let it not intimidate you.

People back then when there only was command line people were way less educated with electronics and computers but even back then 10 year olds did manage to do amazing things with their ZX80/VC20/C64.
After all, programming in itself is nothing but remembering commands and putting them in a meaningful order. Avoiding written commands at all cost would in turn exclude you from conventional programming and confine you to drag-n-drop graphical “languages”.


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