Found a Core weeping!

Just went to check on a Core I have in a remote location and found it ‘weeping’! It was sort of faintly pulsing its onboard LED and the big multi-colour LED. Reset button had no effect. When I pulled the power, it continued to ‘weep’. Eventually it stopped. Reset and just get breathing white(?) or very pale blue. Not sure what colour. Anyway I’ve popped it into DFU mode, going to try a full reset!

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Well, the full reset works, but what I’ve never successfully managed to do with my Cores is flash a binary to it on one WiFi network then move the Core to the deployment location and try to give it the new WiFi credentials. I always end up in some kind of error mode. Then I have to run Particle Doctor on the CLI to get out of it. Has anyone managed this with their Cores?
Flash on one WiFi, deploy on another?

How about getting the SSID credentials before bringing to the deployment site?

Yeah I guess I will have to do that, but in theory shouldn’t it work? I appreciate Photons are probably the way forward but out of curiosity is this a known bug?

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Video of of a “weeping” Core

Do you know what the Core is upto in this state?

As I was able to confirm this morning, the Core needs quite a long time of no power before it will play ball again after entering this state.

Can’t view the video. Youtube might be a better place to share the video :wink:

Odd, worked for me but TinyPic had squeezed and stretched the video! :slight_smile: Here’s a YouTube link.

Looks weird. It seems like there’s not enough power to boot up or something. Try supplying 3.3V or 5V to the core directly?

Also try a different USB cable. These old Spark cables were notoriously prone to bad contacts.
Additionally remove any external circuitry and unplug from breadboard, to exclude all these as potentially contributing factors.

Well, it’s getting it from a USB cable connected to a plug already (not a laptop) - I’ll try swapping cables.

No difference with a new cable, will try a new plug as well.

What’s weird is that the Core continues to do its thing for a good few seconds after I pull the power. Never noticed this before.
(There’s only a push button connected to it.)

If you have another Core (or any other 3.3V DC source) try powering this one via 3v3 <-> 3v3.

If you mean that pulling the “plug” at the wall then don’t be surprised since the adapter most likely has a large filter capacitor that will discharge once unplugged, powering the Core for a few seconds.

What type of 5v adapter are you using (brand, picture otherwise)?