Forum links opens twice when clicked with middle click has a funny issue for me. When I use middle click on urls here, they are opened twice. Is this my issue only? :slight_smile: I use Opera

No problems for me with Chrome on Windows and Mac.

Chrome on Windows with Logitech Anywhere MX mouse… no problems just opens once.

Does it happen only with forum links?

Wanna hear something weird? Right as I’m typing this all out a co-worker of mine just asked me if I could help him fix an issue where his mouse was double-clicking when it shouldn’t. So far his looks like potentially a bug with the driver… he’s using Logitech Setpoint 6.x on win 7 64-bit

If mouse doubles clicks randomly, then it is most likely hardware issue. I just replaced my mouse 10 days ago and new one has no problems. It’s warranty had ended 4 months ago and doubling started ~2 months after that. :angry:

If it happens every time in only one site, it is probably a Javascript bug/incompatibility/feature. Many online stores do this and I have to use right click-> open in new tab. But if I remember correctly, it usually opens url in new tab and current tab, not 2 new tabs. If it is 2 new tabs, then I’d go for hw-issue.

I installed the latest Opera and it seems to work just fine with both topic list and embedded links.

That is not a hardware issue. This happens only in Opera and only on :smile:
Though this is not anywhere a major issue, was just wondering if anyone gets it too

I love how this is brought up here and no one mentions a fix for Opera:

You might want to post a bug thread there :smile:

I’ve edited site preferences for and have set “Block all pop-ups”, now works fine - only one link opens

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firefox popup blocker stops the popup when i middle click a link. i don’t get 2 links opened, i get none. really weird forum software this is.

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