For those who have used dfplayer mini


I have Xenon running with a dfplayer mini, speaker, and nfc reader (pn532). When I disconnect the dfplayer my battery (2000mah) will last close to 3 days before needing a charge, but when I connect the dfplayer, I drops down to less than 24 hours. So my question is, has anyone found a way to decrease the current consumption on the dfplayer mini?


The module can be set into standby via the command 0x0A

Via 0x0B or 0x0C you should be able to “wake” it again

Alternatively controling the Vcc (high side switching) or GND (low side switching) line via a MOSFET may reduce power draw even further.


Thanks @ScruffR, I don’t have room for anything else inside this project, so hopefully the sleep and wake commands will do the trick.