Flying with Photon + LiPo battery in carry on?

Anyone here fly with a Photon + battery? Any issues at security? I have a long (15 hour) flight and wanted to do some firmware coding. In a case I have a Photon with the battery shield, a battery, breadboard, a small breakout board, USB cable, and a few small jumper wires. I don’t want TSA thinking I have a bomb with me. Any one travel with similar and have any issues? Thanks.

You can carry on batteries that are under 100 watt hours and up to 3 of them on commercial flights.

The battery is clearly marked 2000mAh which is under that limit if they do say anything.

Most phones have larger batteries than that these days.

You should have no issues.


It’s not the battery so much I’m worried about. I know you’re required to carry those on. It’s the combo of everything. I’m just concerned that a random TSA person will think I’m building a bomb or something. Electronics + wires + a battery that can explode. Guess I’m just being overly paranoid.

I have flown numerous times with electronics such as a photon/arduino in my carry-on luggage without any issues. Just explain it to the TSA agent if they ask.