Flashing code from web ide

Hi All,
I am having this issue where flashing the example app tinker from the web ide does not always go well. When looking up the functions using cli there are 0 functions listed. If I then flash the Blink an Led program again from the web ide it works as intended. Sometimes the tinker app will work and I can see the functions listed using cli and other times it lists 0 functions. During every flash the status lights appear to be going correct and I always get to the breathing light blue but does not always work for tinker and other cloud apps. The blinker app works every time though. Any ideas?

i am experiencing similar thing. 0 functions and 0 variables show up on the console, and flashing from Web IDE is always unsuccessful. The message is always,

The request seems to take longer than usual. Please be patient…
Flash unsuccessful.
Request Timed Out

One thing i thought it could be, my device is on OS 1.2.1. but upgrading it remotely still does not work.

My issue is a bit different. I have no problem flashing code. always get successful result. My issue is more running the code in the cloud i think. right after flashing tinker I go to the cli and run particle function list and that returns 0 functions installed even though I just successfully flashed tinker and should see those functions.