Flash when device is offline

I plan to use my core on a vehicle. Let say this vehicle get to known Wifi in other city once a day at different times. It is not possible for me to know when it happens. As soon it connects it sends some values and wait for next time.

I think in some situations i need to update core program but do not have access to vehicle and not where it is.

Is it possible I can flash a new code and it flashes as soon core gets online?

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I believe this is on our road map. @Dave will have more details!

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Heya @zerous,

Yup! We’re adding support for durable api commands! So you can say, “Hey, if my device comes online in the next day/week/month/etc, please try to flash this firmware, or call this function, etc”



Extra points for making them like a sell/buy order with stocks, so cancellable (sp ?) with accurate reporting [e.g: cancelled; already executed (with status); or in-flight (unstoppable, but result currently unknown - an outcome that does not exist in the financial community afaik)]


Hey there, did you ever get this working? I wonder if this might be a good adapter to put in your OBD-II port and power the Photon: https://community.particle.io/t/connect-to-your-car-with-the-candlestick/