First connection fails: fast flashing blue and red

I’ve just recieved a new Spark Core ( the antenna one’s) and I can’t make it work. I previsoulsy had and Spark Core (with chip antenna) and worked perfectly with the same WiFi Network and same android phone. I attach a video of what is showing the RGB led. I’ve checked all the troubleshooting guide but did not help me. What could it be?

Video of core trying to connect for the first time

Blinking Blue --> Solid Blue --> Blinking Green --> Fast Blinking Cyan --> Fast Blinking Red.

And then starts a loop of blinking cyan and blinking red.

So i see that:

Blinking Blue --> Solid Blue --> Blinking Green --> Blinking Cyan --> Rapid blinking…

Am i correct on this?

If so, is the rapid blinking looking like red/yellow/orange?

Yes sorry, the flow is correct. The last blinking color is red and starts a loop of flashing blue and flashing red.

Try a factory reset and do the Smart config again and see what happens.

Yeah… I tried it but I’ve got the same error :frowning:

Hi @clex

I have had to do the factory reset a couple of times to get the core when things are really messed up. I would try it at least three times.

Can you say more about the u.fl antenna connection? Is that a u.fl to RPSMA cable? It looks a bare wire and not a cable, which would be hard to get to work.

Alright install DFU using this tutorial. We will update the core with new firmware

Yes, I think it is a u.fl to RPSMA cable. I new to all that so I attach a picture of the antenna. Is it ok for the core?

That looks great @clex. The connections in your hand should screw together and the other end just snaps down on the u.fl connector on the Spark.

I am sorry–I just couldn’t make it out clearly in the video, so I thought I would ask.

I’ve done a lot of factory resets and seems not to work. Has anyone got an idea of what could it be?
Thanks guys

Well so i mentioned what you should do next…

Hi @clex,

In case you’re still having issues, can you email us at, and we can help get things working again. :smile:


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