Filter on Dashboard

I’m thinking it might be handy to have a filter on the Dashboard. Although I find the Dashboard extremely helpful in understanding how my Photons are behaving, it would often be nice to be able to focus on one device. It may also be helpful to focus on one webhook? If there’s a better place to post this, please advise.


Hey @ctmorrison,

Thanks very much for your honest feedback. I totally agree – adding filters to the dashboard’s logs page would be an incredibly useful enhancement of the tool.

I’ve created a story in our internal issue tracker for this very feature thanks to your post. I can’t promise when it will be built, but it is definitely something that is now on our radar.

Thanks for the post!


I agree, it’s been getting harder to troubleshoot as I acquire more devices. The filter would really help, especially if it could also include system messages like when you flash to that device and when it goes online/offline.