Feature Request

Could we get a USB flash option straight from the API? even if we have to have dfu-util on our PC it would be much easier and heaps heaps quicker… Maybe just a usb icon next to the cloud download button??

At home on my fast internet (12MB/s) flashing through the cloud takes a little while… a couple of minutes or so, working on an oil rig with really slow internet i cant flash thru the cloud at all. Its connected and starts flashing magenta, but the flashes get further and further apart and then it restarts with the old firmware.

I can build on the web ok and do a web compile and save the bin file (takes about 5mins to save the firmware and 2 mins to download the 80kb file) and then flashing with dfu-util takes 20seconds.

@Hootie81, you can do that and more using the awesome Spark CLI. It uses the cloud for compiling but you then have the option of OTA or USB flashing. That is how I do 80% of my compiles with the other 20% using my local toolchain to test unreleased features. Check it out here. :smile:

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Ive been using the spark CLI to do it… i just thought a nice little button in the API would save me having to remember so many things to type into the CLI.

This wouldn’t be possible without using some sort of browser plug-in like Flash or Java, and that could be a big maybe. Browser security prevents access to anything on the user’s computer outside the browser itself. That means no access to the user’s file system (unless you want to upload a file) or running an outside executables.

Or you could try and build your own web browser from the ground up that ignores those security restrictions! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well that answers that question then…

I fount the F1 button retypes in the cmd prompt so i dont have to write it each time :slight_smile: that will have to do

The up and down arrows on the keyboard also allow you to cycle through your command history.

I know you can get your hands on the firmware and build locally – then I think you could arrange to have a single script to make the core go into bootloader mode and automatically run the dfu-util command to flash it.