Featherwing / 3rd gen Power shield?

I have a Particle FeatherWing Tripler, a Particle Boron 3g and a ultimate GPS featherwing. I want to use it as an asset tracker in my car.

My Particle Power shield and my asset tracker V2 work great, Now I want a power shield / featherwing for the 3rd gen. Is there one already out there that i’m missing or should I continue banging my head on the wall developing one?

You should be able to use the gen2 to gen3 adapter.

The Boron has a built-in PMIC that manages the LiPo and can supply power to the GPS via the 3V3 output. Why would you need a power shield?

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I have one but I’m not brave enough to try it and boy is it ugly.

It's an automotive environment which is not friendly to sensitive electronic components. I've burned up several microcontrollers connecting them to a car's 12V dc. between AC ripple and over voltages / spikes, no beuno. I use some lm2596 step downs now but they're not ideal either. I like the power shield as I can use a much bigger lipo and 12v and it will auto switch from 12v stepdown to lipo without interruption.

It is ugly, but it works great. I had reservations about it as well, but had to use some until our new board design is finished, they work perfectly.