Fatal error: SI7020-A20_CE.h: No such file or directory

Hi all ,when trying the sample 2_Publishing_Temperature I receive following error back during Verify:
src/2_publishing_temperature.cpp:4:27: fatal error: SI7020-A20_CE.h: No such file or directory
void loop();
The library SI7020-A20_CE.h seems to be included but the cannot get found. Any help or hint how to solve this?

thanks in advance for help

Which system firmware version are you targeting?

I’m targeting an Electron V0.4.9

Unclear as the what exactly was the issue again, it seems that the library support is only available from 0.5.3+
Updating your Electron isn’t a bad idea anyhow, and using the CLI, that shouldn’t take long either. If you’ve got the (latest) CLI installed, put the electron in DFU mode and issue particle update to get it up to the latest system version.


great tip. Upgraded the firmeware to 0.5.3 and then to 0.6.0 and everything runs fine. Many thanks for your help, Moors7

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Thanks @Moors7 for the help!

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