Failed on first "Blink an LED" example code on Photon

It’s my first photon and the setup is completed. After flashing the 'Blink an LED" example code, the status LED is half blue and half magenta. No blink on D7 and D0 (I used a breadboard to add a LED light for D0).
I didn’t find any error message for half blue half magenta on doc. Any suggestions? Thanks.

The half blue is confusing. Is there any chance you are just see Magenta flashing. “OTA Firmware update” I suppose Magenta is really Blue+Red mixed? If you look close you can see the individual colors.

FW 1.5.0 was just release recently it can take several minutes (depending on your internet speed) to download and install the update. I was confused by this at first. Maybe just leave it connected and wait 15 - 20 minutes.

I’m also a new particle user so take this FWIW. Since no one else answered in 10 hours I thought I’d speak up.

It is clearly half blue half red and they are blinking slowly. I tried to reset and set up from the very beginning. It failed with half blue half red LED.
I will return it to Amazon.

Have you tried this:


If I treat half blue half red as magenta, then it is at safe mode with breathing magenta. So the situation changed to:
As soon as flashing “blink an LED” example code through the web, it turns to safe mode.

After I used command:

particle update

Everything seems fine now

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