Expose OneWire Address via Spark.Variable

I am trying to expose a OneWire Address via Spark.Variable.

Typically I am used to printing the OneWire Address through the Serial port by doing this:

  sensors.getAddress(dev, i);
        for (uint8_t i = 0; i < 8; i++) {

            // Pads 0 if address value is less than 16
            if (dev[i] < 16) {

            // Prints Address Value
            Serial.print(dev[i], HEX);
            if (i <= 6) {

So instead of showing the address on the serial port. I want to be able to expose it by using the Spark.Variable. But I am struggling.

char address[15];

in Setup() I do:

Spark.variable("address", &address, STRING);

Then I tried the following but no success:

sprintf(address,"%s", dev);


strcpy(address, dev);

But still no luck.

Any tips would be awesome! Thanks

You don’t need the & in the Spark variable since the name of the char array is already an address. Try removing that and see if it helps.

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