Establishing a test environment for WPA2 Enterprise - stuck

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Ahead of availability of support for WPA/WPA2 Enterprise security for the Gen3 devices, I am still trying to get my Photons now on Device OS 1.1.0 to connect to a test environment to mimic the one outlined by @BDub that consists of FreeRadius server running on a Raspberry Pi and using a Unifi AP AC Pro. I have been following the setup instructions posted June 17 and have hit a few problems.

Problem 1. If you install FreeRadius now it is version 3.0 and it installs into a different directory than indicated in the instructions - that is now overcome.
Problem 2. The instructions at step 10. call for editing of the eap.conf file. When I tried this there was no existing file. A search for this issue indicates that the file needs to be copied from the /mods-available folder and renamed eap.conf - that is now overcome.
Problem 3. The instructions within step 10 are vague about exactly where in the eap.conf file the definition of certdir, certdir2 and cadir should be made? I have guessed this and it is not working. Would anyone be able to share a working eap.conf file I could copy?

The rest of the setup is fine - the end result is that when I attempt to connect using WPA2 Enterprise, PEAP/MSCHAPv2 with just username and password (and no certificate) I get a WICED error of 1006 returned and the debugging mode for freeradius shows that EAP/MSCHAP authorisation failed which supports the log handler output on the device. I can provide more details of where it has failed but this is a long and difficult to read log.