Error: 'struct EEPROMClass' has no member named 'clear' with RedBearDuo


I am trying to use the EEPROM of my RedBear Duo, and reading the documentation I found the function EEPROM.clear() but when I compile i got this error:

error: 'struct EEPROMClass' has no member named 'clear'

How is it possible?

It appears that clear() was added in system firmware 0.5.0. If you are targeting 0.4.9, then the function won’t be available, even if you have 0.5.0 on the device. In the Particle Build Web IDE, there’s a popup menu where you select the device to specify the system firmware version (“Building with firmware:”).

Thanks for help @rickkas7!

The Duo firmware is in the v.0.2.3… So this function is not available yet? Am I correct?

I would assume that to be the case. I haven’t used the RedBear Duo yet - mine is still in the mail.

@leoguima, I have found Redbear’s communication on the state of their repo to be non-existent. As such, it is very difficult to know what version of the Particle repo they are at.