Error getting online status after power outage

Last week end , I have to shutdown power in my house several times , and each time I observed Photon had trouble; it was flashing at low frequency cyan.Each time , I had to reset it to get it working correctly.
It’s probably due to my internet box that takes about 2 min to reconnect to the net. So the photon cannot detect the net when the power is on again , and something seems to be managed wrong here.
Photon is in automatic mode with system thread enabled.

Go to the devices tab, select your device and switch from firmware version 0.4.7 to 0.4.6 and flash it again. Then shut your router off and turn it back on to test it, or turn power to the Photon off as well. I’ve noticed it only takes about 1 minute to get it to go into softAP or other modes. Usually flashing green or glowing green for me, with all the outputs in their current state, which is dangerous on my application, but that’s just an internet outage without a power failure.

Edit: My mistake. 0.4.5 and 0.4.6 don’t change anything regarding this. It might take manual mode to get around this?