Error Connecting to Wifi, Not Running Code

I just compiled code onto my photon with some clear Serial.print statements in setup().

So, first problem is that I keep putting in my credentials through screen, particle says that they’re saved, but then it never connects to wifi. It just blinks green for a while and then goes right back into listening mode (slow blue blink).

Then, a second problem is that I don’t see anything from the particle while its looking for wifi. If its looking for wifi, it should already be running my code. If its running my code, I should be able to see the output of some of my print statements. I don’t see anything though; it appears as though its not actually running my code at all.

If you've got the CLI installed, would you mind trying to issue a particle update followed by particle flash --usb tinker, both while in DFU mode? That should get the default Tinker firmware on it, to ensure your firmware isn't causing problems.

Not quite. If you've not explicitly coded this in, the device will first connect to wifi before running any user code. In the future these processes will be separated, but for now, it first wants to connect. If you want to change that behavior, you should check the docs for 'system modes'.

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Hi, Thanks for your reply. I’ll try the tinker thing. But, my code sets the system mode to manual before setup.