Error compiling - Dev

I’m trying to use this eInk display from Embedded Artists with a Particle Photon.
I’m early in the playing and I’ve already hit a stumbling block.

I’m using Dev on my Windows 10 machine and I have my code and all of the referenced files in one directory. When I try to compile I’m given an error ea_2_7.xbm can’t be found, but it is in the same directory as all the other files used in the project.

Only thing I can think is that Dev isn’t uploading the .xbm file to the cloud to be compiled.

Is there a different way I should be going about this?

Sounds like that might be possible due to whitelisting of files to be compiled.

What’s the .xbm file used for?

It is a graphics file for the eInk display.

If the content of a file is C++ compatible, just rename it as .h and alter the respective include statement.