Electron Won't Connect on Powerup Without Reset

I have two electrons that will not connect to the cellular network when they are initially powered on. This appears to be completely independent of power source (bench supply, battery, usb ect). The devices simply stay in the fast green flash and never seem to initiate a handshake. However, if I press reset the devices connect to the network within 15 seconds. This happens very reliably and I have tested it on multiple different cell towers.

I’ve been using electrons since the Kickstarter release and have ~30 devices fielded and have never seen this problem. So, my first thought was a possible firmware issue. These two devices were both running the latest firmware [v1.5.2]. I reverted the firmware back to 1.0.0 and now both devices reliably connect on powerup. I did not test with other versions of firmware and only choose 1.0.0 because it’s a round number.

So, for now my problem is solved and I’m back in business, but I wanted to share this with the community as it appears to be a legitimate firmware bug. My use case for this specific electron is as a very low power sensor that only boots up and sends out data twice a day.

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