Electron without Internet

Can the Electron not function without internet connectivity? I am trying to build something where the Electron publishes data on the console when connected to the internet and when there is no internet, it logs the data in a file on the SD card (using SDFat lib). So far I’ve been removing the antenna and/or sim card to simulate the “No Connectivity” scenario. But every time the Electron goes into this mode of no internet, it stops working, rather halts, until it re-gains the network connection, and then continues as it should when there is internet.

Questions I have:

  1. Can the Electron not work without Internet Connection?

  2. Is losing the internet through antenna/ sim detachment a wrong way to simulate no internet? If so, how do I simulate a scenario of “No Internet”?

  3. Particle.isConnected() outputs a 1 when connected to internet. But the code stops progressing altogether when there is no internet and I do not get a 0 or a null when the Electron is disconnected from network. Is there another way to check network connectivity status for an Electron?

Much appreciate all inputs and feedback. Thank you!



Also look at


Multithreading fixed it!!!