Electron USB Port Affects Sampling

Full Disclosure: I am not a programmer at all

We are using the Electron and a carrier board to record temperature data every 3-20 minutes, depending on what we need. Commands and responses are outputted to the USB port so we can see what’s going on in a terminal program. When the Electron is connected to a laptop via USB and with a terminal program running (we use TeraTerm) the Electron works flawlessly - never misses a sample. However, as soon as we terminate the terminal program (but leave the USB cable connected on both ends), we find that about 20-40% of the time the Electron fails to sample. The device always wakes up on time, but just doesn’t sample. As soon as we open a new terminal, the Electron works flawlessly again. No where in our code does the Electron listen or wait for a response to anything sent over USB. I am baffled. Can anyone help steer us in the right direction to find a possible cause?


Post your code if you can so others can help you.

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