Electron SIM activation mistake

Good day:
I just inadvertently activated a new SIM card on a new Electron under the wrong account. I typed in the card number and went to the next step and then realized I was logged into the wrong account. I canceled the process but when I try to activate the unit, I get a message saying the card is active in a different account. Is there any way to get back to square one?

Thanks very much for any assistance!

Hi- Oh no, that sounds pretty frustrating. Can you DM me the card number? I’ll take a look.

Hey there! Just go ahead and release the SIM on that previous account and you should be good to go. You’ll need to go to the SIM page (/sim) on that previous account’s console, and click the vertical 3 dots next to the SIM you want to tranfser over.

Thank you so much. New user here…
How do I reach you directly as requested?

Done! Thanks so much for the quick response. I was pretty panicked…
You guys are terrific.

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Marek’s reply is correct but in the future to direct message someone click on their username and select “message”. Glad it worked out!

Thanks again, activated successfully.

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