Electron security with 2G/3G

One of the cool things about the Core and Photon is the end-to-end security model - with communications from the Particle Cloud to each Core/Photon using HTTPS to give solid security.

I’m not 100% familiar with data over 2G/3G networks. Will the Electron be able to provide the same level of end-to-end communication security as the Core and Photon? Will it uses HTTPS or some other security protocol?

Yes, the Electron will provide the same level of security as the Core and Photon. At a high-level the same security measures will be in place, but implemented over a different transport (the Electron will use a datagram-oriented transport compared to the Core/Photon using a stream-oriented transport.

Excellent! Great to hear Particle are maintaining the focus on security.

Where can I read more about this end-to-end security model?

And simular question, when i am connected through 3G, my device get a public Ip, can someone hack my Electron?

Pretty much no cellular devices get public IPs these days - it’s all behind CGNAT. On the other hand, some networks let people behind the NAT hack each other - see the Jeep hack recently…

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On the back of the Electron’s clear case wrapping there is a section that talks about you could use the Election for.

One of those things is “Accept Payment”.

I wonder what they had in mind when they added that? Passing credit card info? Are the security standards up to the required levels that the credit card companies demand?