Electron returns to listening mode as soon as USB is plugged in

I have a new electron that is exhibiting a very strange behavior. As soon as the USB is plugged in the Electron goes into listening mode. I can flash the new device with my code or “tinker” but as soon as the process is complete the Electron reboots and then returns to listening mode.

If I remove the USB cable and reboot then the electron works normally. Any ideas, I would really like to get the Serial.print functionality back for debugging purposes.

What OS are you on?

Mac OS 10.12.3

Do you experience the same issue with multiple USB cables? I wonder if the issue is that the device is getting shorted out when it is being inserted.

@BDub might have more suggestions.

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Make sure you don’t have the Firmware Manager running in the background somewhere. It will constantly be trying to put your Electron into Listening Mode.

You might also have your stty defaulting to speed 28800 somehow which will put the Electron in Listening Mode. To be honest I don’t know how to reset this off of the top of my head. I don’t like to throw you to google, but I’d probably be googling for it myself.

When it’s in Listening Mode, try opening terminal and running which should kick your Electron out of Listening Mode and into DFU Mode:

stty -f /dev/cu.usbmodemXXXX 14400

where XXXX is the port that your Electron is connected to, you can usually hit TAB to autocomplete this.

Once it’s in DFU Mode, if something like Firmware Manager is attempting to put it in Listening Mode, it should not be able to anymore.


Good call, the firmware manage was in fact running the background. Everything is humming along nicely again, thanks.

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