Electron not charging while reconnecting


We have a number of Electrons in the field and are currently experiencing an issue whereby the cellular connection drops and for some reason doesn’t connected to the tower again. When we send someone to the field we also find that the battery is dead, i.e. it was not charging while trying to reconnect. The device goes from breathing white to flashing green and back to breathing white. I believe this is because there is now insufficient current to make the cellular connection.

If the battery is not charging while trying to reconnect multiple times this could be the cause of the battery been discharged. Does the charging circuitry require the main loop to be processed to charge the battery?

Obviously this doesn’t explain why the electron is not able to reconnect to the tower.


@stofmike, can you indicate the DeviceOS version you are using and how charging power is applied to the Electron (solar, USB, etc.)?

OS 1.5.2
Power is applied through a power supply which supplies 5v to Vin on the electron.

We don’t use SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED); - would this fix the issue?

@stofmike, using SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) may help but I will defer to @rickkas7 for that. A number of improvement were made to the PMIC handling in DeviceOS 2.0.0-rc.4. Connection management has also improved considerably.

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