Electron light show ... what does it mean?

Electron is rapidly flashing through all the colors of the rainbow. This is a unit that has been happily publishing every 5 minutes for over a week. Light show started when it was transported to a second location, lost connectivity for a couple hours, and is now again publishing data.

Like the way when you hit the SIGNAL button in Web IDE?

If so, hit it again, so it turns to

And then hit this to stop signalling.

This feature is useful when you got loads of unmarked devices and want to check which one you’ve currently got selected.

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On entry to the Web IDE, the device is shown as not signalled. Slowly toggling a few times has no effect. And the Modes docs say nothing about this flashing pattern.

Can you post a video?

Sometimes the toggling of this rainbow identify feature is slow compared with the Photons speed/reaction time.

You should be able to get it to go away after some time or a cell connection network reset I would assume. I’ve never seen anybody else on here ever mention the rainbow never turning off.