Electron in East Africa

I’m pretty new to the Particle community, but I’ve been digging around and haven’t found anyone using an electron in East Africa. Just wondering if any one has had any experience in the region, particularly Tanzania. I’m sending a project I’m working on over there in a few months and wondering what to expect in terms of the Electron (w/ U270 Modem) reliability on the networks.

Otherwise, maybe you have experience in another region where network reliability is sub par?


I would also like to hear about this since I plan on having some units sent to Africa regions also.

@zach @BDub Do you guys know of anybody deploying Electrons in the Africa areas and how they are working out?

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I have used an Electron successfully in Kenya (back when we were beta testing, I happened to go on a safari - see pic below). Not sure about Tanzania and I didn’t do a ton of testing in Kenya (all I can say is that it connected successfully in Nairobi), but I would say that you should expect reasonable coverage, and you can check the coverage map of Airtel Tanzania (our partner carrier in Tanzania) to get a sense for where they have coverage.

Hope that’s helpful!




Thanks for the input. Airtel claims to have coverage where the device will be operating, but I will get a colleague to go test the signal. Will the electron “roam” if another network is available and Airtel’s is not?