Electron I/O Question


We’re just beginning development using a 3G Electron for monitoring an industrial device in the field. We will have the following attached to the Electron:

  • An MPU6050 Accelerometer via I2C
  • An Adafruit Ultimate GPS via UART
  • a BMP280 Temp/Humidity Sensor via I2C
  • An SD Card Reader via SPI
  • An RS232 tranceiver via UART
  • A few analog / Digital peripherals (Reed switch, PWM for fan control, relays, etc)

Will we be hitting any processing power limitations with this many peripherals? Are there any gotchas we should be aware of?

@bengizmo, hard to tell unless we understand how fast you will be processing the sensors, sending data to the cloud, etc. The Electron processor runs at 120MHz and the user application is time-sliced by FreeRTOS to run every at about 200Hz (if I recall correctly). So there is plenty of horsepower available.

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What peekay123 said. Also, the Electron can supply 800 mA on the 3V3 line to power peripherals, and while I don’t know they exact usage of those devices, I suspect you’re well under that limit.