Electron errors with 0.5.0-rc1

I updated my electrons to 0.5.0-rc1, most of them seem to be happy once I completed the upgrade, but one seems to be unable to connect to the carrier/cloud any more.
Here’s a shaky video of the blinky light.
There are other patterns, including brief periods of yellow, but the video isn’t long enough to capture all the events.

I’m not sure I could characterize the sequences that are shown in that video, there seem to be several.

This device isn’t in the best of RF locations, but before the upgrade it seemed to do OK, get to breathing cyan reliably and respond to the cloud well enough.

@brett wanted to make sure you saw this to collect any relevant logs, etc.

Isn’t that the “orange burst” blink that’s usually cured with particle keys doctor?

In that case, why is it needed after an upgrade to 0.5.0-rc1 ?

Six other electrons upgraded without this error (one had other problems, but got there in the end.)

Before attempting to answer this it would be helpful to test if it actually is, otherwise I’d make a fool of myself coming up with an explanation for a red herring :wink:

Not that this had stopped me in the past from doing so :blush:

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