Electron / DFU mode / Windows 10 device manager

Should an Electron in DFU mode show up as “Photon DFU mode” in Device Manager under Windows 10?

Longer version of the same question:
I’ve got a couple Electrons and three Photons up and running. Well, not all at the same time. The Photons behave as expected, whether in normal running mode or DFU mode.

The Electrons behave as expected in normal mode, showing up as a correctly labeled COM port. But both Electrons show up as a Photon when in DFU mode. I’ve searched the forums but failed to find a direct mention of this.

In the screenshot below, the Photon on Com 4 is in fact a Photon but the “Photon DFU Mode” under USB devices is in fact an Electron in DFU mode. Is this ok?

Thanks for any advice on this!

Yes it should and it did on mine

Till I just reinstalled the same driver via zadig (which listed my 0.5.1-rc.1 Electron as Photon already) and there we are - mine is now called a Photon too

Maybe that’s a regression in one of the past firmware updates.

Something to look at for @jvanier :wink:

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Thank you, @ScruffR.

Up to now I’ve been flashing the Electron over the air, so I haven’t looked at this before; therefore didn’t know what to expect.

If it’s any help, both my Electrons are running 0.5.0. I’ll watch here for updates.